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One of the biggest producer in the world and so one of the biggest importers in the world USA is interesting market for any kind of goods and products.

We have our partner’s offices in such cities:

  • - Chicago,
  • - Miami,
  • - Charlestown,
  • - San-Francisco,
  • - Houston,
  • - Seattle etc.

It allows us to cover whole territory of USA and Canada.

China branches


World’s leader of production and very active partner of any country with wide and good logistics infrastructure which allows to handle shipments from main ports as well as from any area of China and related territories. Our main agent has representatives in Hong Kong and Great China.

China branches


Famous trade partner with loyal conditions for trading and logistics. You can buy here any goods with price sometimes better than from direct producer. And of course our partners will arrange all services according to documentation handling and support.

Delivery to/from UAE possible by air, LCL and FCL services.

UAE branches


One of the biggest countries in Eastern Europe, with population more than 40 million people Ukraine is mostly importing market with main focusing on Chinese and European goods.

We have own warehouse and offices in Ukraine which allows us to arrange competitive delivery service with full consulting and supporting according to Ukrainian specific. As country with cheap working facilities it is potential good export area, especially concerning to it’s geographical situation.

We are presented in Ukraine in Kiev, Boryspil airport, Dnipro airport.

Ukraine branches

Frequently Asked Question

Airway bill

Airway bill - a set of documents for the transportation of material values for air travel, which consists of three copies (original) and 9 copies (in the event that this is a typical airway bill) or 3 copies and from 6 to 11 copies (including if this is the main airway bill).

Airway bill contains all the data necessary for each of the participants in the transportation of cargo by air. For example, it specifies the name of the sender and receiver of the goods, the carrier, their addresses, the tariff for the delivery of products. It also provides graphs checkboxes final recipient of the accuracy of performance guidelines outlined in the document, the fields for entering information about the acceptance of cargo for shipment. Also mandatory in the invoice fixed characteristics of the goods - the weight, dimensions, markings, number, description, instructions on how to load and unload, the stated value of the shipment, information on the payment of fees and the payer.

Bill of lading, sea waybill

Shipping documents (and also the disposition of the goods!) Are used for maritime transport and transport by sea. Bill of Lading - a document issued by the carrier to the shipper in the receipt of the goods to be transported by sea with the obligation to deliver the goods to the port of destination and hand it lawful holder of the bill of lading.

Since the bill of lading is a document of title and possession according to the usages of the trade is in many ways equivalent to the possession of goods, presentation of the bill of lading usually has the same effects as the delivery of the goods themselves. As a rule, made three or more copies of the Bill of Lading with the same contents and date: for the shipper or freight forwarder to the consignee and cargo.

All copies of the Bill of Lading, constituting the so-called complete set, are originals and are stamped "Original". Document of title is usually only one (the first) of the original bill of lading. Copies of the Bill of Lading are stamped "Copy" or printed on the form, different from the original color. If one copy of the Bill of Lading issued by the goods, then the rest are forfeited.

Airline responsibility for missed cargo

Responsibility of carrier is limited for 19 SDR/kg. SDR – Special Drawing Rights. Approximately rate of 1 SDR = 1,35 USD. So f.e. in case of damage or lose of 50 kg shipment, airline can payback 19*50 = 950 SDR = 1283 USD. As this value is not so big – we recommend to arrange shipping insurance for your cargo.

Transit declaration (T-1)

Transit declaration (T-1) must be accompanied by (in the EEA), all non-European goods (for example, from the United States, Asia, etc.) and cargo coming from European customs warehouses.

Transit declaration T-1 for goods arriving by land is on the border of the EU, if the goods have arrived from outside, or supplier / vendor or agent of the carrier / forwarder - if the goods come from the customs warehouse within the EEC.

For air cargo / cargo reaching the sea, from countries outside the EEA, T-1 is done at the airport / port of entry authorized agent. If the goods shipped by air from an EU country and requires T-1, this declaration must be provided by the sender / supplier or the goods must be accompanied by an air waybill with a special mark.

Transit declaration T-1 is made on the basis of invoices and packing lists.

Road consignment note CMR

CMR - it waybill of international standard, which is used in the implementation of the international exchange of goods and, accordingly, is the primary and indispensable instrument in international transport.

Road consignment note is the transport document, confirming the existence of a contract between the carrier and the sender of the road transport of goods. For international road traffic, this document must contain the following information: the date of shipment, the name of the cargo to be transported, the name and address of the carrier, the name of the recipient, delivery time, and cost of transportation.

CMR consignment note issued in triplicate: the first copy is given to the sender, the second - is attached to the goods, the third - remains the carrier. The consignment note is not a negotiable document of title and.

EX-1 - Export Declaration

For goods, produced and sold from the (EU) - is a common international document, which confirms the export of goods. The declaration, which must accompany the consignment until the end of its route. When exporting goods from the EU customs will stamp. Original export declaration stamped by the sender cargo forwarding, which allows the sender to sell the goods without paying VAT.